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Two Reds are Better than One

Welcome to the Two Reds are Better than One podcast. Talking business (and life) with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter.

May 2, 2024

If you want to be inspired by the potential of a career in dentistry, no matter what your age or background, listen to the journey of one of the UK’s most interesting dental practice owners.

As a child, Manrina Rhode wanted to become an actress, but an enlightened Headmistress saw the opportunity of combining art and...

Apr 23, 2024

It’s a delight this month to listen to the founder of a Champions League dental practice in the beautiful Lake District - Neil Cooper has been a friend and a client of both of us for many years.

Here, we delve into Neil’s childhood fascination with how things work and an early dedication to a career in dentistry,...

Mar 26, 2024

An interview with Dengro CEO - Neil Stephen
Listeners - if you think this month’s podcast is an advert for Dengro - think again.
CEO Neil Stephen has a fascinating CV, including starting and selling a number of international tech businesses over the years, as well as running The London Olympic Beach Volleyball...

Feb 29, 2024

This week we interviewed David Taylor, an ex Dale Carnegie International Master Trainer & Leadership Trainer, who shares the benefits of developing a Monthly Action Plan.

Many Dental Practices report that finding the right people, retaining them and the paying their true worth challenging, this concept can help in all...

Jan 31, 2024

If you walk round Manchester city centre, you will often see the above statement, ' WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY HERE'  which glorifys Manchester's achievements in the world and why Mancuncians are different. We have tweaked the above statement slightly for our guest today and you will see why when you listen to the...