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Two Reds are Better than One

Welcome to the Two Reds are Better than One podcast. Talking business (and life) with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter.

Apr 5, 2022

An interview with Grant Watson from Envisage Dental Group

Feb 23, 2022

In this one-off and extraordinary podcast, we meet Mary Storrie, mother of Rosie May, who, in 2003, was brutally murdered at age 10.
That was just the start of an astonishing story of the resilience of Mary and how that and subsequent shocking events gave rise to The Rosie May Foundation.
Ashley and I are joined in...

Feb 6, 2022

Shaz Memon is the founder and MD of Digimax a leading dental marketing agency in London In this brilliant interview, Shaz shares simple, uncomplicated strategies to help you grow your brand and your Instagram visibility. He also stresses the importance of exceeding your client's expectations.
Not only does Shaz...

Dec 21, 2021

Lucie Simic started out as a Journalist and after helping Mike Hesketh at the Exeter Dental Centre with his social media, ended up being his Business Manager. (Mike was a previous guest on our podcast).
In just four years they turned a Practice whose turnover was £400,000 to £2.4M, eventually selling it to...

Nov 24, 2021

This month’s guest is unique.
Steve Anderson lives and works in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona and, since 1997 has been building dental offices, thousands of them.
Yes - thats right - he runs a 20-strong building company responsible for the construction of purpose-built dental practices as well as...