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Two Reds are Better than One

Welcome to the Two Reds are Better than One podcast. Talking business (and life) with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter.

Nov 26, 2018

Stuart Thomson is a partner in Brite Dental who own 6 surgeries in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Before working in Brite Dental, Stuart spent his whole life either working in the restaurant or the hotel industry, and because of this has brought many innovative ideas and strategies to his dental business. Stuart is simply a gem and shares so many ideas in this podcast that will help improve your turnover and profits. Have a big pad and pen - you will need them. 
On this podcast you will discover:
  • There unique four pillars they have installed into their business which allow for significant growth in their Practices 
  • The importance of creating a world class patient journey, which has led to the enrolment of over 4,500 patients in 2018, all by word of mouth
  • Their intensive and unique recruitment policy, which means they recruit only the highest calibre of people within their Practices 
  • Why Christmas bonuses don't work and what to do instead 
  • The importance of team training and the real bottom line results it can bring to the business