Two Reds are Better than One

Two of the dental industry's top leading coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants, talking about business and life with Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter.
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Jul 29, 2018

In this podcast, Chris and Ashley interview Carol Somerville Roberts, who is the principal of Evolve Dentistry in Bristol

She opened the practice nearly 10 years ago as a squat and today she has a flourishing business employing 17 people.

This interview is absolutely full of gems and will inspire and motivate you. Please have a pen and paper ready to take lots of notes.

You will discover,

  • The lengths that Carol took to recruit new patients into her practice's, even handing out leaflets in her local supermarket
  • The two biggest business mistakes she made setting up her practice 
  • The environment she has created and why it has worked so well
  • The four-word banner that has brought her a ton of brand new patients to her practice off the street
  • The bonus structure has put into place that inspires her team to new levels of performance 
  • The importance of celebrating our wins
  • How she recruits her team, a little clue, very rarely does she recruit people who have worked in dental Practices before.
  • The importance of values and the ACT Principal she has in stored into her team. 



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Jul 14, 2018

Celia Burns is a dynamic business owner who purchased a practice in 2010 choosing a Practice close to her family, so that she can be a mother to her three children. She prospected for a Practice and ended up getting it even though her bid was much lower than all the others. Just listening to her story on how she prospected and got the Practice is worth the 45 minutes invested in this podcast.

Beside this, you will learn  

  • Finding out what is important to the other person in a negotiation 
  • The importance of building incredible trust with your patients and how to do this, especially when these patients had a relationship with the previous owner of 20 years plus.
  • How to get your patients interested in other types of cosmetic treatments
  • The value of using intraoral cameras and other types of evidence 
  • The importance of what you communicate with different personality styles
  • The importance of personally developing yourself 
  • Celia's favourite book and by the way Ashley's as well
  • How to grow a strong therapy and hygiene service in your practice
  • and MUCH MORE.


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Jun 20, 2018

On this month’s podcast Ashley and Chris interview Neel Barchha

Neel is a fascinating dentist who purchased a Practice in Wolverhampton just before the Banking Crisis in 2006. During the last 12 years he has increased its turnover 10 fold and has also took it to a 7 surgery practice offering a full range of treatments. Neel was so determined to make it work that he often worked till 11.00p.m. each night to ensure that the practice was a great success.

On this podcast you will learn 

  • The mental attitude it takes to succeed during tough times
  • What it takes to succeed and the importance of hard work
  • The importance of communication and team work
  • The important life lesson he learnt by reading the E. Myth by Gerber
  • The importance of balance in your life and taking 10 weeks holiday a year
  • How to never rest on your morals and to always be looking on how to exceed your patients expectations 


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May 27, 2018

Catherine owns an Orthodontic Practice in Wakefield, which is an industrial town in the North of England. She is also the most driven person you will ever meet. During the last 10 years, she has taken six individual courses with Ashley Latter and has also been a member of his year-long Entrepreneur Group.

There is so much to take away from this interview and I promise your pen will not stop writing

You will discover;

  • How to grow a Private Practice in a very typical North Yorkshire working-class town.
  • The importance of getting your team on board and how to get your team to buy into your ideas. This, on idea alone, is worth the 40-minute investment listening to the podcast.
  • Why you need to continually develop yourself and your team
  • How to remain positive when times are tough
  • The importance Treatment Co-coordinators in your Practice and
  • How to create a well-oiled sales operation


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May 6, 2018

Richard Jones is an Orthodontist, industry leader and ex director of Total Orthodontics, one of the leading groups of Orthodontic Practices in the UK.

Besides organising the last three British Orthodontic Shows in the UK, he has also delivered some business courses with Ashley Latter

On this excellent podcast, you will discover

  • The steps Total Orthodontics put into place to become one of the leading group of Practices in the UK
  • The importance of team and how to get your team on board with your ideas
  • How to grow a business, even in the banking crisis
  • The importance of looking at your costs and discover one tactic on how to negotiate a good deal with your suppliers.
  • The importance of sales & marketing

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Mar 6, 2018

This month we interview Dr. Chris Bowman from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Grab a pen and paper and hang on Chris’s every word as you listen to a masterclass in patient communication.
We asked Chris to explain his “Problem Presentation System” - how he enrols his patients in a conversation process that transitions them from presenting dental problems to voluntarily requesting and accepting Best Option solutions as opposed to cheaper and less desirable dentistry.
We’ll also be learning how Chris re-orders the steps in the patient journey to work closely with his hygienists on “appointment choreography”.
This podcast is full of gems - you’ll either want to listen to again as soon as it’s finished or scribble furiously as Chris shares with us idea after idea on how best to deal with conversations that challenge many of us.

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Feb 13, 2018

How to Grow from a Single to Multi-site Dental Business - The True story of West End Dental Group

In the latest podcast, 29-year old Aaron Ferguson tells the story of how he was headhunted by his father Dr. Trevor Ferguson to head the expansion of his clinic from one to three sites and beyond. Aaron shares many of his experiences, transitioning from a Big 6 accountancy practice to a North Wales family business, learning the ropes in dentistry, identifying suitable acquisition targets and integrating new sites into the existing brand.

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